Bromine Tablets 1KG

Bromine Tablets 1KG

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Bromine Tablets should be dosed via a floating dispenser.When set up correctly your floating dispenser will dispense the correct amount of bromine into the spa to maintain the ideal level between 3.0 to 5.0mg/l and all you need to do is top up with new tablets as and when required. This makes maintaining the sanitiser level in your spa very straightforward. When using a floating dispenser remember to remove it from the spa and place it on anon-bleachable surface while people are bathing. Please note Spa Bromine Tablets are designed to maintain bromine levels (as they are slow dissolving),so before using them the correct bromine level should be established using Bromine Granules.

Bromine is similar to chlorine in its effectiveness as a sanitiser but there are some important differences that make it an ideal product for using in a spa:

  • Bromine tablets should be dosed into the spa via a floating dispenser.
  • Bromine retains better levels of efficiency over a wider pH band thanchlorine, which makes it ideal for spas as the pH can fluctuate a fair amount.

Directions of use…

Using your 3 or 4 way dip test strips you are able to quickly and accurately assess your Spa’s water conditions and make adjustments to chemical levels by adding appropriate quantities where necessary. Test daily whether the Spa is in use or not, to keep on top of requirements as warm water will need regular sanitation.

When using dip test strips follow the instructions on the bottle for best results being observant of the optimal reading times and always holding strips level to avoid indicator pad colours mixing.

Bacteria Control – Use either Spa Stabilised Chlorine Granules or Spa Bromine Infused Granules directly into your Spa or alternatively Spa Bromine Tablets or Spa Chlorine Tablets via a floating dispenser, to disinfect your Spa water and keep it free from bacteria and slime.

Tip: If you opt the granule option, use a pint glass and take some water out of the spa. Add your granules to this water and make sure that all the granules have dissolved before pouring back into the spa. This will ensure all the granules have dissolved and do not settle on the base of your spa,therefore protecting your acrylic.

To ensure the ideal reading of 3 – 5 ppm is maintained it is advised to aim for 5 ppm to provide a useful “buffer” for fluctuating conditions such as bathing loads and hot weather. The rate of chlorine/bromine consumption can and does vary depending on different conditions and they will be consumed even when there is no bathing (i.e. just sunlight or heat). Because of this, the only way to be sure that there is chlorine present in the water is to test regularly.

Oxidising – Regular oxidisation, either weekly or fortnightly, is recommended to remove any excess contamination and/or remove non filterable wastes. Two ideal products are Spa Fusion dual action sachets or Chlorine Shock Granules – dose as per product instructions.

pH Control and water balance – The pH scale of 0 – 14 measures acidic or alkali conditions respectively. The middle reading of 7 is neutral,so Spa water with a pH below 7 is acidic and Spa water with a pH above 7 is alkaline.

For Spa users the ideal pH level is slightly alkaline between 7.2 – 7.6,ensuring plant protection and bather comfort are maintained (the pH level of the eye is consistent with this level). Maintaining ideal TA (Total Alkalinity)and Total Hardness levels will ensure fully balanced water. Low levels tend to lead to aggressive water, with higher levels leading to scale formation. It is easy to raise levels, although more difficult to lower them without draining /diluting the Spa. However, high levels of hardness associated with hard water areas may be countered by regular treatment with Superior Spas No Scale.

Adjusting for water balance – If the pH of your Spa water is above 7.6 then use Spa pH Minus to reduce it, using the application instructions on the bottle. If the pH of your Spa water is below 7.2 then use Spa pH Plus to increase it, using the application instructions on the bottle. If TA or Hardness are below 80 and/or 100 respectively use TA Plus and/or Hardness Plus to raise.